Hong Kong 3D Museum is a platform to encourage your creativity. It is different from traditional art, enabling you to step into the paintings, create your gestures and be part of the 3D paintings. There is no age barrier here. Everybody is the director of their own photos to lead their way into a 3D universe. Hong Kong 3D Museum is a place for leisure, relaxation and a place to broaden your horizon.

Museum Experience

Modern Hong Kong

Paintings ideas based on Hong Kong iconic scenery. Here, you can find central just below your feet! You can be the Spiderman hanging onto the top of Bank of China building. And also you can also sit onto the dragon back to fly acrossthe beautiful Victoria Harbour.

Hong Kong Memories

Olden Hong Kong comes back to life! Go back in time to the street hawkers, Queen’s Pier, Kaitak Airport and other old places. All the deep-rooted memories of Hong Kong people that everybody cherish.

Love Journey

langShare the romantic atmosphere with your dearest and create the love story that only belongs to you both.

Imaginary Wonderland

The painting ideas are from all kinds of creative elements that must satisfy your photo taking addiction!

Starry Sky

An infinite sky with millions of stars that creates a whole new romantic universe.

Infinity Tunnel

Brilliant color of lights, unreachable abyss, plus infinity tunnel extension. It is an endless tunnel to take you away from reality.

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